About us

We are a group of vet students who went to South Africa on a wildlife conservation course in June 2011. We all expected to learn a lot about wildlife and improve our practical skills. What we actually got was a life changing experience. The thing that impacted upon us the most was the rhino poaching crisis currently taking place in South Africa. The abhorrent slaughter of these innocent animals shocked all of us, and upon returning to the UK we decided to do something about it.

Team Rhino was born.

Team Rhino is a fundraising and awareness campaign that aims to increase general public awareness about the severity of the current poaching crisis. It is hoped that we will get people talking and spread the word, so that this issue is brought into the public eye and can be tackled head on. So get talking. Make a noise. Help stop rhino poaching!

Text Donations
Donate money to "Save the Rhino" now using our handy text-donate service. Simply text "TEAM90" followed by "£1", "£5" or "£10" to 70070. Thank you!